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1950 Ford Custom Deluxe Single Spinner








This rare example of a 1950 custom deluxe model is finished in maroon with green interior, all in excellent condition. New tyres have been fitted. Last ones didnít last long as this car does great burnouts. Many other upgrades have been carried out to improve the safety and reliability of this car. It blows smoke to create a screen for getaways and high speed pursuits.


This car represents great value in 50 years time. One of its many features is it has a valve radio that doesnít pick up to many radio stations but is great for winter, you know when it getting to hot smoke appears from under the dash, now that has to be a plus. This car was solid when new. They made cars to last but knew nothing about rust inhibitors, so yes you can see through the hole in the roof, which I call the sunroof. No need to open the bonnet you can see the oil dripping on the ground when you drive this glorious beast. 

Brake fluid is regularly changed you have no choice it leaks out every time you hit the brakes.

The electrics are all ok as long as you donít use the blinkers, forgot to mention the wipers they work great on sunny days.


The car was totally restored by ďme and the kidsĒ, approximately fifteen years ago. The car has travelled just over six miles since restoration, behind the tow truck this car has not been in any serious accidents and hasnít been driven by any old ladies slowly.

I have owned this classic for many years and it drives like a piece of crap, being the third owner since it rolled off the mechanics hoist. Itís now time to off load it to its next sucker. One great thing is it has no Takata airbags to worry about.

This beautiful car is a reluctant sale and can be inspected at my local bordello. First person to see will want a deal so I am throwing in a KFC lunch pack, shut up and take my money. Also at no extra cost included is my Ex she is available with the car, like the car she is low mileage but high maintenance.


So call me if youíre interested it is sure to disappoint.






Gold Coast, Qld

MB: 0411 000 007




239 cu in - 3.9L V8 petrol




Body Colour



Upholstery Colour





78,000 miles

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